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For the attention of foreign patients

Our locations


In the heart of mountain country
How to get there ? Postal address :
253 Pierre de Coubertin Road
Telephone numbers :
04 79 89 55 55
Intensive care
Obstetrics & gynaecology
In the heart of mountain country
How to get there ? Postal address :
Ecole des Mines Road
Telephone numbers :
04 79 09 60 60
Ski trauma hospital
Intensive care

Arriving in the emergency room following an accident

You may call upon the services of an interpreter to assist you with the administrative process. Should you need such service please speak to the admission office. Our interpretation offer includes: English, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch.

Upon arrival at the hospital, you (or anyone who accompanies you) must report to the admission office where the patient’s administrative file will be constituted/updated.

Admission office opening hours Albertville Moûtiers
Monday to Friday 08:00 to 18:00 08:00 to 18:00
Saturday 08:00 to 12:00 08 :30 to 16:30 (only from mid December until end of April)

Proceedings :

Patients who usually live outside France,
Passeport : yours or your child’s,
Valid European Card or E 111 form issued by country of origin (EEC patients)
Proof of private insurance
Upon admission you must get in touch with your insurance at once. Written confirmation of their commitment to pay for medical expenses must be obtained and swiftly faxed to the admission office.

How to pay :

The hospital remains open 24 hrs/day. Bear in mind medical attention is not free of charge.

  • Cash (euros) €
  • Credit card,
  • Check.

If your child needs surgery, please fill out a Legal Guardian Authorization to Operate document, and sign it.

Depending on the severity of your condition you may either be discharged from A & E or admitted to hospital.

You are admitted to our hospital

Boutique - television - cafetaria - distribution of beverages

Each room is fitted with a television set.
Should you wish to rent a television, please speak directly to the company in charge of equipping the hospital complex, either by phone from your room, or else at the boutique located next to the main entrance in the hospital hall.

IN ALBERTVILLE from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00, or Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00 – dial 5034

IN MOUTIERS Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 15:30 to 18:00 dial 6670

Outside these times slots, please get in touch directly with the company in charge direct n° 0800 608 196
Vending machines with a range of sodas and beverages are readily accessible in the main entrance hall.


Cell phones

The use of cell phones is not allowed within the hospital compound because of possible interference with monitoring equipment and because our patients need a noise-free environment in order to rest properly.

Land line (fixed line)

Each room is fitted with a fixed-line telephone.
You must specifically request your telephone line to be activated speaking with the admission office in ALBERTVILLE or with SWITCH BOARD in MOUTIERS.

Before actual activation of the line, the agent in charge will request a cash deposit in addition to advance payment on telephone expenses

Other amenities


Receiving mail while in hospital is not a problem. Mail delivery happens every morning.
Should you wish to write mail, a mail box can be found in the hospital entrance hall from which mail is retrieved and sent off daily.


If you wish to order a taxi, switchboard will gladly do it for you upon request.

You’re escorting a patient or a child

There is a consensus with the care-providers that only one escort is allowed to stand by each patient. Food and accommodation are subjected to advance payment with the admission office.

Barring medically-motivated restrictions, visitors are allowed. However, in order to guarantee adequate rest of all patients, visitors are requested to stick to the time slots allotted for each ward.

Before being discharged

Your general practitioner decides when your may be discharged from hospital.
Upon checking out of the hospital, you must report to the admission office to round up administrative matters. Doing this will considerably enhance smooth further processing of the refund of medical expenses. Several useful documents will then be issued to you, such as patient fact-sheet, receipt etc…

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